26th ICCML Lecture

Debt Restructuring in the UK

On 24 January 2019 the Institute for Corporate and Capital Markets Law (ICCML) invited interested audience to a lecture by and an exchange with Jennifer Payne, Professor at Oxford University and globally renowned researcher in the field of Corporate Restructuring.

Following the introduction by the ICCML’s managing director Prof. Dr. Thilo Kuntz, Payne gave an overview about the basics of Corporate Restructuring in the UK and explained why Great Britain has been an outstandingly important venue for business reorganisations. Moreover, she pointed to the advantages and disadvantages of different courses of action and concluded by introducing the reform planned by the British government.  Apparently, the British law is moving closer towards US bankruptcy law. Taking that up, Payne set out which changes for restructuring firms and their creditors result from the envisioned reform.

After the half-hour presentation the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss advantages and downsides of the upcoming reform. The exchange was continued later on the Law School’s South Lounge along with wine and pretzels.