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IUCCL in Korea: Workshop on Recent Comparative Legal Issues on Comparative Law and Securities Law

The third common workshop of IUCCL and Center for Financial Law der Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea, strengthens the cooperation between both institutions. As Bucerius Law School hosted the workshop last year, the 2015 meeting took place at SNU. For the first time, professors from Nagoya University, Japan, participated in the workshop. The cooperation therefore widens its international network.

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Topics of Corporate and Financial Markets Law were discussed. Prof. Jörn Axel Kämmerer delivered a speech about “Eurobonds and their legal intricacies” and Prof. Rüdiger Veil about “Improving access for emerging growth companies to capital markets”, both adopting the German perspective. Speakers of SNU were Prof. Konsik Kim (Declining relevance of suits on shareholder resolutions) and Prof. Sunseop Jung (Role of financial regulation and contract law against misselling of financial products). Prof. Masafumi Nakahigashi together with his colleague from Nagoya, Prof. Sean McGinty contributed a speech about “Measures to collect evidences in the civil procedure”. Prof. Manabu Matsunaka discussed the strange case law about share issuances in closely held corporations.

As usual, speeches were commented by colleagues of partner faculties. This tradition made intensive and vivid discussions possible.



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