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Lecture Series

The ICCML Lecture Series deals with current issues of corporate and capital markets law. Its aim is to facilitate the dialogue between practitioners and scholars. So far the following events have taken place as part of the Lecture Series:

22th lecture on 18 May 2017: "Institutional Investors: More commitment, activism and the role of the consultant on share voting rights"

21th lecture on 25 February2016: "Sanctions in the antitrust and securities law"

20th lecture on 5 November 2015: "The European Commission's plan of action concerning the Capital Markets Union"

19th lecture on 18 May 2015: "The Importance of German Corporate Law in the Debate Over Corporate Personhood in the US"

18th lecture on 17 March2015: "Discussion about the draft bill on the law of implementation of the amended transparency directive"

17th lecture on 13 Feburary 2014: "The banking union as part of a stable monetary union"

16th lecture on 5 June 2013: “Group bankruptcy – challenges for legislators and practice”

15th lecture on 15 May 2013: “Recent developments in press cartel law”

14th lecture on 31 January 2013: “The executive officers´ liability and conflicts of interests among lawyers in the supervisory board”

13th lecture on 12 January 2012: "Symposium on the draft European Commission proposal for a Market Abuse Regulation and a Directive amending the Transparency Directive"

12th lecture on 7 May 2010: "Mastering the Financial Crisis - Sweden, Iceland and the UK"

11th lecture on 4 February 2010: “The development of corporate governance via codes and by legislation”

10th lecture on 29 October 2009: "Mastering the Financial Crisis in Austria and Switzerland"

9th lecture on 25 June 2009: “Mastering the Financial Crisis - The French Approach”

8th lecture on 18 June 2009: “Corporate governance reforms in perpetuity”

7th lecture on 7 May 2009: ”The current financial markets crisis – How shall it go on?”

6th lecture on 5 February 2009: “Corporate Compliance”

5th lecture on 20 November 2008: “Competition of Jurisdictions in the United States and Europe”

4th lecture on 6 November2008: “State-owned banks: The quest for restructuring"

3rd lecture on 3 July 2008: "Societas Europaea and Societas Privata Europaea – Chimaera or opportunity?"

2nd lecture on 8 May 2008: "Rating agencies - grading the grade-givers"

1st lecture on 13 March 2008: "Executive and Supervisory Board - Changing Institutions"



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