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ICCML Series

As part of the ICCML Series the following books have been published:

Abbild Schriftenreihe 2

Volume 1: Rüdiger Veil (Ed.), Takeover Law in Practice and Science.

Volume 2: Hendrik Brinckmann, Periodic Disclosure in Capital Markets Law.

Volume 3: Rüdiger Veil / Malte Wundenberg, English Capital Markets Law – A Comparison of Law from a European Perspective.

Volume 4: Rüdiger Veil / Fabian Walla, Swedish Capital Markets Law – A Comparison of Law from a European Perspective.

Volume 5: Rüdiger Veil / Philipp Koch, French Capital Markets Law – A Comparison of Law from a European Perspective.

Volume 6: Sebastian Fischer, One-tier Corporate Governance – Economic Analysis and a Plea for a Right to choose in German Corporation Law.

Volume 1 (SchrUKmR): Malte Wundenberg, Compliance and the Principles-Based Supervision of Banking Groups.

Volume 2 (SchrUKmR): Christian Köhler, The Legitimacy of Derivative Financial Instruments in Companies, Banks and Municipalities. An Economic and Legal Analysis.

Volume 3 (SchrUKmR): Martin Tasma, Leveraged Buyout and Creditor Protection.

Volume 4 (SchrUKmR): Tobias Kahnert, Lawmaking in European Corporate Law. Harmonization, Competition, Model Laws.

Volume 5 (SchrUKmR): Christian Bochmann, Covenants and the Organization of the Stock Corporation.The Legitimacy of Financial Covenants under Corporate Law.

Volume 6 (SchrUKmR): Florian Fuchs, Close-Out Netting, Collateral and Systemic Risk. Legal Approaches for Mitigating Systemic Risk in OTC Derivatives Transactions.

Volume 7 (SchrUKmR): Maximilian R. Preisser, Sovereign Wealth Funds. The Development of a Comprehensive Concept for the Regulation of Public Funds.

Volume 8 (SchrUKmR): Rüdiger Veil (Ed.), The Debate on Corporate Law Reforms.

Volume 9 (SchrUKmR): Jonas-Benjamin Ulmrich, Investor Transparency. Notification Requirements with Regard to Major Shareholdings under Section 27a of the German Securities Trading Act on the Basis of their American and French Regulatory Models.

Volume 10 (SchrUKmR): Daniel P. Halmer, Shareholder Loans and Piercing the Corporate Veil. On the Legal Economics of Limited Liability under Undercapitalization.

Volume 11 (SchrUKmR): Jörn Axel Kämmerer / Rüdiger Veil (Eds.), Takeover Law and Capital Markets Law in the Debate on Reforms.

Volume 12 (SchrUKmR): Julius Forschner, Interaction between the Right of Supervision and Civil Law. A Study of the Relationship between Section 31ff Securities Trading Act and the Consultancy Agreement under Civil Law.

Volume 13 (SchrUKmR): Nicole Gietzen, Co-Determination, Corporate Governance and the German Corporate Governance Code.



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