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The ICCML Forum offers an opportunity to discuss current issues of economic law within the framework of the ongoing debate. A heterogeneous circle of speakers and participants provides a basis for thourough analysis and questioning of changes in legislation and legal practice. The findings are either published in the ICCML series or in articles. So far, the following forums have been held:

Eighth ICCML Forum on 13/06/2014: Corporations and Banks in Times of Crisis: Prevention, Turnaround, Insolvency

Seventh ICCML Forum on 17/10/2013: Corporate and Capital Markets Law

Sixth ICCML Forum on 08/06/2012: Takeover and Capital Markets Law

Fifth ICCML Forum on 17/06/2011: 1000 days of reforming Corporation Law in Germany– MoMiG, BilMoG and ARUG in the test

Fourth ICCML Forum on 25/06/2010: Executive compensation – insights from law and social research and corporate practice

Third ICCML Forum on 03/06/2009: European Capital Markets Law - Challenges in the next Decade

Second ICCML Forum on 27/06/2008: Takeover Law in the Academia and Practice

First ICCML Forum on 07/09/2007: MoMiG's Reforms of GmbH-Law, impact and perspectives

 As part of the first ICCML Forum on 7th September 2007 the opening ceremony of the ICCML was held.



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